Founded in 2013

Our Story


WIFIPLUG is founded

Leon Doyle had the idea for a wifi enabled plug socket, controlled by an app on your phone after his girlfriend continuously left her hair straighteners on, causing them to turn the car around, many hundreds of times! Leon created WIFIPLUG on the 16th May 2013 using the funds from his previous startup. He headed to China with some cash and a dream and the first ever WIFIPLUG was sold December 2013. It had the very original name of WIFIPLUG1.



We launched a new and improved version of our succesful WIFIPLUG1 - we called it WIFIPLUG 2 - how predicatable!


Bigger and better

Leon meets Alan (CTO) and Jonathan (Lead Engineer) through a mutual friend - they joined the company and began a re-write of the companies software bringing quality, reliability, expandability and speed to the platform.

Late 2015


2015 saw the launch of both WIFIPLUG MINI & POWER, two versions with brand new tooling – making us the smallest smart plug in the market. We ranged the product into Maplin and ScrewFix and had our first taste of volume sales.

Early 2016

Apple HomeKit

Apple got in touch and offered us the opportunity to work with them on their newest arrival, Apple HomeKit, the most “secure end to end chipset on the planet” We thought about it for a few seconds and said YES on the spot. They chose us as we are an actual smart plug company, we are not a me2 company or a company that sticks our logo on plugs. We are a full blown IoT company and Apple recognised that.

Mid 2016

"Alexa, turn the lamp on"

Alexa releases it’s SDK and WIFIPLUG gets talking to it in 24hrs – the first UK smart plug to work with Alexa

Late 2016

“Hey Siri, Turn on the Christmas Tree”

WIFIPLUG HOME ships its first batch of pre ordered Apple enabled smart plugs, selling out in a matter of days.

Early 2017

We work with everyone

WIFIPLUG is the only smart plug to work with Siri, Alexa, Google, Cortana and IFTTT – period. Shipping in, Littlewoods, JDWilliams, Amazon and Maplin.

Mid 2017

USA here we come!

Interest grows outside the UK and investment comes in from an energy company in the USA giving us the opportunity to hire more people based in St.Louis, Missouri.


We expand

The year of the B2B. WIFIPLUG has now moved over 50,000 units and our user base has passed 12,000 registered accounts – it’s at this point they can finally make sense of the data they harness – now sitting at around 1 million hours per day!



WIFIPLUG accepted an offer from Techstars & B/S/H (Bosch & Siemens) to join their accelerator program in Munich, Germany. The team will spend the next three months preping for pitch day - where we will present to over 400 investors.